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Welcome, you will find quality web site hosting at wholesale prices here.uto Just 5 Bucks, where you get great web hosting for the cheapest web hosting prices! We strive to make your hosting experience "1st class" by offering you a wide range of benefits:

Speed - With multiple OC12 connections with AT&T, Qwest, and Sprint, you are connected to the Internet via the latest and fastest technology. In addition, your website is stored on one of our super-fast, Pentium 4 Servers with 1 GB of RAM.

Reliability - With over 99.5% uptime, you can be sure your website will receive maximum exposure 24 hours a day. In addition, your site is backed up regularly on seperate drives, ensuring there is always a copy.

Customer Service - We have one of the largest Knowledge Bases on the Internet, with hundreds of step-by-step tutorials, including pictures and instructions. (Click here to view it.) If you still can't find an answer, our Customer Support is conveniently integrated into your Control Panel.

Simplicity - With our easy to use control panel, you can manage your email, track visitors to your website, monitor your website usage, and much more - all from your browser!

Versatility - We support a wide range of programs and scripts to ensure your website runs smoothly, including Microsoft FrontPage Extensions, php, perl, mysql, java and more.

Tons of Extras - If you don't think that the above benefits are enough, take a look at all the extras you receive - most of which are found in your easy to use control panel, all for one cheap web hosting price. To find out more, just drag your mouse over the features below.