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Before submitting your website to the link directory, please make sure you have created a reciprocal link to this site. For example, you may put the following code into your HTML (please look closely at the href=... part, your link should point to this exact URL):

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3 Valuable Linking Tips from a Linking Professional.

At, we have recently launched our Linking Campaign and are agressively gathering and exchanging links. We project that our linking directory pages will have a PR 5 or 6 very shortly. By exchanging links with us now, you will directly benefit from all additional PR increases to our website, so sign up today!

Why are we so confident that we will acheive a high PR quickly? Bbecause we are being personally mentored by the Linking Queen herself, Nancy Andrews. She has over 150,000 backlinks to her main website, and dominates all of the search engines. She has more links than, and even

If you want to see some real results from your linking efforts, here are three tips that will give you a huge jump start in link exchanging.

1) Add the following 3 links to every page in your website: Link to us, Resources, and Partners. The reason you need to add all three links to every page is because by doing this, you will help boost the PR for your link pages and you will also attract more linking partners. The "Link to us" link needs to point to your link signup page. The "Resources" link needs to point to your main links directory, and the "Partners" link needs to point to a new page that you need to create for preferred site link exchanging (this page needs to be located in your main directory). All "Partners" links should be manually added to this new page.

2) Add a title tag, a meta tag description and a meta tag keyword section to every page of your link directory. This tells the search engines that you know what you are doing and it gives them content for search engine placement, while keeping your web pages consistent. If you don't have an automated link directory, then you need to get one. Two of the best link directory programs on the market are Reciprocal Manager and Link Machine.

3) Take a few minutes and add a template to your links pages so they match your website. This shows potential link partners that you care about link exchanging and you know what you are doing. This is typically very easy do to and it will go a long way to recruiting link partners. Also, make sure that you have a well rounded number of linking categories and try to keep them all within 1-2 levels deep, otherwise they won't have any page rank. (1 level deep is optimal but you may have sub-categories which usually means a second level).

By taking some time to complete the three steps above, your link pages will have higher PR, pass more PR though to the sub-category pages, you will receive more link exchange offers, and your main website will rank higher in the search engines faster.

We wish you all the best in your linking endeavours. If this information has helped you, we hope that you will show your gratitude by placing our link in a prominent place on your website or link pages. You can also send us an email to once you have had success with these tips if you like. We wish you the best and look forward to exchanging links with you!


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On October 18th, in an effort to reach a larger global market, Just 5 Bucks Hosting joined forces with LiquidNet and These new plans and services are in addition to our existing plans and services. All customers that signed up prior to 10/18/05 will still be able to use the HSphere Control Panel system without any changes in their current service. We plan on continuing the HSphere service and will continue to improve and manage the HSphere system indefinately.
Members That Signed up prior to 10/18/05 - Click Here to go to the original Home Page.
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